DrawMusic helps you create and understand music with:


The DrawMusic Software Suite includes:


picture of ChordSong
ChordSong helps you create chord-based music; no instrument or experience required.


picture of C-Ur-Sound
C-Ur-Sound helps you understand recordings with sound pictures (spectrograms) tailored for musicians.


How to Write Music

These tutorials start at the beginning - no prior music knowledge required.

1. Elements of a Song

2. Create a Chord Progression: First Steps

3. Add a Melody: First Steps

4. Chord Patterns: Phrases and Repetition

5. Chord Patterns: Home and Away

6. Melody Rhythm

7. Theory Basics: 12 Chromatic Tones

8. Chord Patterns: Diatonic Chords

9. Arranging: Starting with Snare & Bass Drum

Help Choose New Articles

Transcribing Music

These articles help you use C-Ur-Sound to figure out the notes in recordings.

1. Introduction to Transcribing

2. Seeing Musical Features in a Spectrogram (Bridge Over Troubled Water)

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