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4: Letters Game

Lesson 4: Letters Game

Before you can understand melodies and chords, you need to know the black and white pitches very well. Play this practice game to learn the white pitches. (Review Lesson 3: Pitch Names if you have trouble.)

Click the key on the keyboard below:

You should play this game until it's easy, and keep coming back to it until it stays easy. Then, go on to learn the black pitches in Lesson 5: Sharps & Flats.


1: Introduction
2: Pitch & Keyboard
3: Pitch Names
4: Letters Game
5: Sharps & Flats
6: Half-Steps
7: Whole-Steps
8: Steps Game
9: Scales
10: Major Scale 1-2-3
11: Major 1-2-3 Games
12: Major Scale 1-5
13: Major 1-5 Games
14: Chords: Major Triads

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