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7: Whole-Steps

Lesson 7: Whole-Steps

If you understand half-steps (if you don't, then go back to Lesson 6: Half-Steps), then you're ready to learn about whole-steps (called tones in the U.K.).

A whole-step is a pitch distance equal to two half-steps. For example:
  • Consider the 3 consecutive pitches C-C♯-D (these 3 pitches are next to each other in the pitch stack).
  • C to C♯ is a half-step; C♯ to D is also a half-step.
  • So, C to D is a whole-step.

Here are some more example whole-steps:

A to B

B♭ to C

C♯ to D♯

When you're sure you understand half-steps and whole-steps, go on to Lesson 8: Steps Game to test your knowledge.


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