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After you've installed ChordSong and played with it in Demo Mode, you'll want a License Code to remove the Demo Mode limitations.

Get your ChordSong License now, $99.00 U.S.:

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Once you purchase your ChordSong License:

  1. We instantly email your license code to you (at the email address you used when you purchased).

    (Email delivery usually takes less than a minute, but please allow up to an hour for possible Internet email delays.)

  2. After you receive your license code, open ChordSong. ChordSong will offer to install your license code.

Terms of License Code

A single License Code is intended to license one user at a time to use ChordSong in Licensed Mode.

If only one user will be using your license, then you may install your License Code on more than one computer so that that one user can move from computer to computer and use ChordSong when (s)he is at each computer.

You may not install a single License Code on more than one computer if multiple users might be using ChordSong on these computers at the same time. If this might happen, then you should purchase separate license codes for each computer.

You may not share a License Code with other people or allow it to become publicly known.

We reserve the right to revoke the privileges for any license code which is used in violation of these terms.

Occasionally we are asked whether licenses expire. Your license never expires. Your license code will always work with the version of ChordSong which was current when you purchased it. (Also, some upgrades may be free; see our Update page.) If you save a copy of your downloaded Setup file (SetupDrawMusic.exe), and save a copy of your license code, then you can always reinstall ChordSong and reinstall the license code if you need to.

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