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1. Chords: tonic, subdominant, dominant.
In Chord Patterns: Diatonic Chords we explained what diatonic chords are. Want to learn more about the different effects of the different diatonic chords?

2. Arranging for instruments.
Once you have chords and a melody, how do you create a multi-instrument arrangement (bass, drums, keyboards, etc.)?

3. Melody notes.
Add a Melody: First Steps showed how to find chord tones. Want more tips on choosing melody notes?

4. Syncopation.
"Jazz up" a melody rhythm to sound like modern pop/rock/jazz instead of older folk/classical styles.

5. Choosing a key.
Any key you like is fine of course, but for comparison, how about a chart showing the keys of a bunch of hit songs?

6. Choosing a tempo.
Any tempo you like is fine of course, but for comparison, how about a chart showing the tempos of a bunch of hit songs?

7. Melody, beyond a phrase.
Melody Rhythm showed how to create a melody phrase. Want tips on expanding a melody beyond one phrase?

8. Chords, beyond a verse and chorus.
Chord Patterns: Phrases and Repetition showed how to create the chords for a chorus and verse. Want tips on extending a chorus and verse into a whole song?

9. Chord phrases in more songs.
Phrases and Repetition showed chord phrase ideas from Like A Rolling Stone. Want to see chord phrase ideas from more songs?

10. The tonic chord, beyond the hook.
In Chord Patterns: Home and Away we showed how the tonic chord was used in a "hook" section, but how is it used in other sections?

11. The tonic chord in more songs.
In Home and Away we showed the tonic chord in a couple of songs. How about showing how the tonic chord is used in some more songs?


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