How to Write Music

1. Introduction


Old (2005-2010) Article Series

Lesson 1: Introduction

Would you like to create your own music, but you don't know how to start? I believe that writing music isn't something that only people with a "special gift" can do; most people (like, you) can do it, if they can find good coaching. These free online How to Write Music lessons aim to give you some of that good coaching.

I also believe that you don't have to study for years before you can start composing. You can spend your whole life learning and growing as a composer, but these lessons will help you start writing music right away.

If you're already writing music, or just want to learn more about how music works, I hope you'll find ideas here, too.

No music knowledge required.

I don't assume you've ever studied music. If you have studied music, then you can skip the stuff you already know.

No instrument required.

In these lessons, we'll do everything right in the Web page. To grow as a composer, you will probably want to learn an instrument (or several), but these lessons help you start composing without having to learn an instrument first.

Sound in these lessons: You need the Google Chrome browser to hear the sounds in these lessons, because they play dynamic musical notes through your computer, rather than prerecorded sound files. For details, see Appendix A: Enabling Sound.

So, get started with Lesson 2: Writing Music Road Map!

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