How to Write Music with ChordSong

(This is our "old" (2005-2010) How to Write Music (using ChordSong) series. For our new interactive lessons, which don't require ChordSong, see the new How to Write Music.)
1. Elements of a Song
A brief overview of melody, chords, and lyrics
2. Create a Chord Progression: First Steps
Start creating a chord progression using ChordSong
3. Add a Melody: First Steps
Start adding a melody to your chord progression
4. Chord Patterns: Phrases and Repetition
Expand a short chord sequence into a song
5. Chord Patterns: Home and Away
Learn to use the tonic chord
6. Melody Rhythm
Combine single melody notes into phrases
7. Theory Basics: 12 Chromatic Tones
The fundamentals of musical pitch
8. Chord Patterns: Diatonic Chords
Learn to use this important class of chords
9. Arranging: Starting with Snare & Bass Drum
BD/SD groove patterns
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