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Create your own music.
"ChordSong helped me write 4 of the songs on my upcoming record" - Bill Curd of Chime

"It's like having a coach/teacher guiding the user" - HDMT, ChordSong user

"I have looked at quite a few compositon programs...the way you introduce music theory, without getting one tied in knots, is outstanding." - Paul B., New Zealand
ChordSong lets you instantly start creating chords, melodies, lyrics, instrument parts.

ChordSong shows you "good chords" and "good notes", so it's never been so easy to get started. Without an instrument. And whether or not you have any music background.

And when you're ready for more musical ideas, explore our free How to Write Music tutorials.

A Few ChordSong Features:

For full details on ChordSong's features, see ChordSong Help.

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