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ChordSong Help

This is a copy of the user Help manual from the ChordSong program, reproduced here for your convenience.

What Is ChordSong?
System Requirements
Obtaining the .NET Framework
Obtaining DirectX
Introduction to Using ChordSong
How to Use ChordSong (Details)
Adding Chords to Your Song
The Chord Grid
The Top Chords Window
Changing the Bass Note
Custom Chord Symbols
Diatonic Chords
Playing Your Song
Creating a Melody
Creating Melody Notes
Playing Notes Before You Add Them
Controlling Note Length
Deleting Notes
Harmonies (Polynotes)
Beat Fractions (Quantizing)
The Lines & Spaces Staff
Adding Instruments
Adding Lyrics
Adding Lines of Text
Changing Key
Adjusting Beat Spacing
Creating Audio Files
Learning to Write Music
Menu Commands Reference
Uninstalling ChordSong
Choose New ChordSong Features

What Is ChordSong?

ChordSong, from DrawMusic, is a software program which you can use to create chord-based music.

ChordSong distinguishes itself from other music programs by making it very easy to start creating songs:

  • Without a musical instrument
  • Without previous musical experience or knowledge

To obtain ChordSong, and to find tutorials about writing music, visit DrawMusic.com.

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