Help for your musical ear.

As a musician, you need to understand what's going on in complex recordings. For example:

When your ear can't quite hear the details, a good picture of the sound can help fill in the missing pieces. C-Ur-Sound creates pictures (spectrograms) of the sounds in your MP3 or WAV audio files. (For help learning to "read" C-Ur-Sound spectrograms, see our Transcribing Music articles.)

Better Sound Pictures for Musicians

The pictures produced by most spectrographic software are not very useful for musical understanding because:

The reason for these drawbacks is that most spectrographic software uses a mathematical method called the Fourier transform. Unfortunately the Fourier transform doesn't have much to do with the way your ear actually processes sound.

C-Ur-Sound, however, simulates how your ear actually works better than the Fourier transform does, which lets C-Ur-Sound create sound pictures with fine detail.

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